What is a native and web app?

Native Apps

App development has become the most crucial business marketing technique. So if you are planning to get your business online, then you must be aware of the two of the different kinds of Mobile App design.

First, let talk about the native Apps, these are the Mobile apps that you normally refer to when said the word App. These Apps are developed on the variety of platforms in a variety of different languages according to the requirement of the specific platform. Most of the IOS App use the Swift of Objective-C language while on the other hand for the development of Android Apps developer tend to use Java.

For the further ease and convenience of the developers, Google and Apple have offered a variety of development tools, Standardized SDK code, interface elements and Android studio.

Web Apps

As far as the word Web App is concerned, these are the Apps we usually referred to the Application that we can access through any web browser using the internet.

Well, do not be confused by the word Web App and website. As a website is more of a page where we can only have information while on the other hand, a Web App is something with functionality. The developers use JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 for development of Web Apps. Web Apps are comparatively easy to develop however offer less functionality than a Native App.

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